In the current information and service era where competition is fierce, innovation is not limited to just new and improved products. This now includes implementation of new business models, business processes, organizational structures, partnerships,... Besides technology, data is playing a more and more important or even crucial role in staying your competitors ahead

In other words, the use of data to get (new) insights should be intertwined within the DNA and culture of the entire organization with a focus on continuous improvement leading to a maximum return for all stakeholders.

Unfortunately, most companies do not come to innovation and data exploration. The reasons are:

  • Innovation by the use of data requires additional commitment to the usual daily priorities. As the focus is often on managing operational priorities, there remains insufficient time to improve and / or renew.
  • Another reason is that many companies do not know how to make data part of their strategy in the first place.

onetowin would love to help you in achieving your business objectives and staying your competitors ahead.

This by working closely with you to seek opportunities in this rapidly changing world and translate them into viable projects.

To make these projects successful we offer you following competences:

  • advisory:
    • solid and benchmarked advice by data experts and consultants.
  • sourcing:
    • provision of dedicated data consultants who take on defined projects and responsibilities, in time and materials or project mode.
  • training and coaching:
    • training and coaching of YOUR people and team(s) to become data citizens and more data-driven.
  • recruitment:
    • selection and recruitment of data professionals which will reside on your payroll.

These competences are available for each of following knowledge areas: