The onetowin data management consultants can assist you with

  • architecting the design of the solution (model, components, integrations);
  • the deployment and operation of systems that deliver operational data assets for analytics purposes;
  • taking measures to obtain the required data quality by
    • defining a business glossary for business and technical definitions;
    • establishing relationships and defining workflows between datasources and systems;
    • setting up data catalogs that integrate data sets from various sources and provide access to underlying metadata;
    • implementing data lineage that tracks  data from its origin to destination across the different data flows and applications;
    • mapping of source-to-target columns with the associated transformations and data cleansing;
    • integrating with other (external) systems, platforms and data services;
    • automating the validation, remediation, monitoring of data governance rules;
    • the discovery and mapping of sensitive data for compliance and audit standards.

Data management is more IT-driven, in contrast to data governance.